Auction at Fishers Cross 25th July 2009

Well lads, I went to the WCRR Fundraising Auction at Fishers Cross Pub last night. It was lashing rain for the whole night, There was flooding everywhere, I was surprised at the number of people who actually ventured out. We had 2 hours of music with the band, Blue Velvet and The Underdogs who played for Free, then we had a small quiz with everyone paying one euro for a quiz sheet and the winner getting a fifty euro voucher. Then the auction started… 54 lots, great bidding on some items and then of course some items were sold below actual value, but then that’s the luck of the draw… I had to come back to work at the night club at 11.30 so left halfway through the auction. Great fun though. I parked the vehicle outside the pub. Thanks to Denis O’Donovan of Fishers Cross Pub for his tolerance!

Geeeezzzz Lads, our cash has just been counted from our Auction Night at Fishers Cross Bar…. (Compliments of Robin and Jeannie Jones and Justin Brett who organised the whole affair…) thanks to all who participated and helped to make it a success! €1295.00 wow grrrreat !


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