Social Entrepreneurs

Saving lives through a community-based rapid response to medical emergencies.
“It is now time to stand up and make a difference. Local solutions to local problems are needed.”

In emergency medicine, it is well established that a patient’s chances of survival are greatest if they receive medical attention within a short time after a severe injury. This is known as the GOLDEN HOUR. Many parts of West Cork are more than 2 hours by road to Accident & Emergency facilities. Achieving treatment within this ‘golden hour’ is therefore highly unlikely.

Robert, himself a pedestrian casualty, knows well the benefit of that ‘golden hour’. John, a local Diving School owner, is also keenly aware of the risks of delaying vital treatment.  Together,  they started West Cork Rapid Response to provide a dedicated Rapid Response Vehicle, the first fully equipped mobile A & E unit in the area. Using a rota of doctors and drivers on-call, the voluntary doctor can attend the scene and deliver what can ultimately be life saving treatment. In its first 6 months, the service has had close to 60 callouts, 6 people have benefited from transplants and an astonishing 8 lives have been saved.

The project makes best use of the existing skills and resources in the community. Robert and John aim to provide a further two vehicles for the area and firmly believe that this model can be replicated around the country.

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