Want to become a friend of West Cork Rapid Response ?

West Cork Rapid Response needs “Friends”. There is so much work to be done. If many do a little, then no one has to do too much.

Fundraising is where help is most needed.

Our doctors on-call have all trained for years and will work away, if we can do all the nitty gritty work like fundraising, organising events, getting maintenance done on the jeep, and so on.    Now that we have the first (of many, hopefully !) vehicles on the road, and functioning almost daily… we need to sustain the running of the system…. Diesel, medicine, insurance, upgrading of equipment, maintenance, etc…  Here are some suggestions of how you can help.   Coffee morning, charity walk, equestrian charity rides, darts evening, table quiz, cake sale, book sale, raffle, sponsored swim/walk/run, bag packing at local supermarket, etc.etc.etc.   All these little events can add up to something really big.     

We have set up PAYPAL for those who wish to donate money.    Every little helps… all the fivers add up you know…  Also a standing order form may be downloaded on this web site for those who wish to donate through their bank regularly, or one may use PAYPAL to donate immediately.

Contact Dena O’Donovan for any additional information at 087 4153285.

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